"LA BOTIGA" de Montsonís
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Location: Lleida Noguera - Montsonís
Discover us, you'll love it!

The reception of all accomodations and activities is located in this space called "La Botiga" de Montsonís. La Botiga Montsonís emerges from the seductive nostalgia of the streets of this medieval town of Lleida. Stands in the main street of the town, on the main street, next to the medieval castle, in a virgin rural setting...for discovering step by step. 

Built on the hill away from the ruling Artesa de Segre, Montsonís is not only a cache of rest and serenity. On the contrary, it is a ideal meeting point for plunging into the living nature of the places from Montsec, a land where the most intrepid hiker and the vouyeur more ruthless start to find the meaning of his existence.

La Botiga de Montsonís can taste the products that are on display in their spaces, from the mushrooms and mushroom pies, assorted olive paste, wines, oils, figs jam, chestnuts jam...and all other food products available.

In addition, you can enjoy homemade and seasonal products. Some of our specialties include cannelloni with spinach (Grandma's old recipe), salad with the best garden produce, baked poussin with apples and plums, homemade meatballs with tomato paste and onion...
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